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A very good friend of mine, from my days living in Chicago got married this past month. I know Danica, his now-wife too. In fact I was with him the night that he met her. It was a long time coming and they are a great match, I’m really happy for him.

So the point is, he invited me to the wedding months ago and I initially demurred. When I asked him what the date was going to be, and he told me in mid July, I told him I couldn’t make it because my pregnant wife was due to deliver at the very end of July. Well as the time drew closer to Addison and Danica’s wedding date, and I noticed the dialogue about the upcoming nuptials among my Chicago friends on Facebook, I started to get a little bummed. The wedding looked like it was going to be over the top, and there were going to be so many people I wanted to see there. Yet I knew my attendance was an impossibility so I tried to put the whole thing out of my mind. Then a string of events started…Hotels.com discount – best priced holiday packges

First off, recent doctors visits practically assured us that our son was not going to be delivered early (in fact, he was born over two weeks late). Secondly my wife decided to go visit her family (about two hours away from our house in Los Angeles) the very weekend of this wedding in Chicago. After hearing recently a friend of mine had gotten a very nice rate on her flight to Hawaii I checked out Expedia.

I was heartened by an Expedia Coupon I found that offered $200 off priceline coupons a qualifying flight, plus a 3 night at a participating Holiday Inn, Intercontinental or Crowne Plaza hotel. All I had to do was enter code 200IHG at checkout. I also noticed that Expedia does not charge booking fees on any of their cheap flights. I ran the numbers and a got a really, really good price. I mean ridiculously good. I don’t want to necessarily quote the exact price because I don’t want to get your hopes up, but let me assure you it was very nice. So after a discussion with my wife and hearing her assurances that she would feel comfortable with my absence I made that mad weekend dash to Chicago. I’m glad I did, it was a party not to be missed.

From my understanding the two of them are still on their extended honeymoon in southern Europe. I hope they used cheapoair to book that flight!

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