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BurkeDecor.com_ is an online boutique that specializes in furniture, gifts, and products for the home. You’ll find unique items designed with style, charm, and personality. Complement any room with’s dressers, candles, clocks, rugs, art, and decorative bowls. If you are looking to rework any part of your home, then you’ll definitely want to check out this store, whether you’re looking for something large, small, extravagant, or subtle. ( get walmart coupon for new housewares, furniture )

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Looking for something cool but completely out of the ordinary?

Check out the 55 inch by 70 inch Mètahlowski by Fatboy. It comes in three colors: Goldi, Silvi, and Titano. Don’t quite understand what this is? Well, think of it as an upscale version of your childhood bean bag chair. It’s made from a high quality firm fabric that is easy to clean. The bean bag design contours to your body to support any lounging position. You can’t go wrong with this oversize, sophisticated, and over-the-top chair. Some might call it ridiculous, but I call it very very cool.

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