Flashpacking: The Art of Rolling Large on the Cheap

Summer travels, a good chunk of my friends are gearing up for, just returning from, or in the middle of their own. I’m looking upon them with a bit of jealousy. I would like to go somewhere, but I can’t…this being “new baby summer”. Ah well, I do believe I have the more exciting adventure on my plate.

While observing everyone running hither and yon the past several weeks I’ve noticed that people seem really into roadtripping and bare bones travel this year. It seems to be a fairly prevalent phenomenon. Prevalent enough to acquire it’s own marketing term. “Flashpacking”. Traveling with more flash than cash. This little buzzword is on the lips of all the travel writers this summer.300_flashpacker

The first question on many travelers’ lips may well be: What is flashpacking? Who are these mysterious flashpackers? Many flashpackers are actually just the growing number of ‘techno-travelers’ out there. They’ve got iPods and digital cameras. They’re traveling with their laptops. They want to blog and broadcast live video streams of their travel experiences, so they need free WiFi at their hostel.

While technology is a key element of flashpacking, though, it’s not the whole picture, by any means. A flashpacker is essentially just the usual backpacker or independent traveler, looking for something a bit more upmarket from their digs. They want all the flexibility of the independent traveler – the unfixed itinerary which allows you to think on your feet and go wherever the fancy takes you – yet they also want (just a little!) of the look and feel of a boutique hotel.

Yet they don’t want your standard budget hotel: rather, they’re after the advantages of a good, old-fashioned cheap hostel, with just a bit more, well, luxury. Even the most hardcore backpackers among us can do with a bit of luxury from time to time. It’s okay we won’t judge you for not wanting to spend a month eating bugs in the Outback. I’ll even help you out to find those nice but affordable digs…I’ve got some Expedia coupons , booking.comcheapoairpriceline with your name on them right here.

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