The New Beautiful HP Laptop

The new HP Envy 13 series surely doesn’t seem to be hiding the fact that it was inspired into existence by the MacBook Air. It looks like a MacBook. It feels like a MacBook —aluminum body, chiclet keys, even a buttonless trackpad. That’s okay though, because many could argue that HP has brought forth a machine that is better than that which inspired it.


The Envy 13 is just a shade larger than the MacBook Air, at .8-inches thin and 3.74 pounds versus .76 inches thick and 3 pounds. However it’s screen, framed by the same style glossy black bezel as the unibody MacBook family, is absolutely stunning and brighter and clearer than those you will find in the MacBook line. click to get discount hp coupon

The ENVY 13 is optimized for world-class performance, with an ultra low voltage Intel Core Duo processor and switchable ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics, running on the new Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS. You have your choice between a 250 GB conventional hard drive or a 160 GB solid state drive. The battery is pretty neat, its removeable battery promises 7 hours of battery life, however its add-on extra battery magnetically clips to the bottom of the notebook to make it look like it is part of the actual build. HP promises 18 hours of juice with that thing clipped on.

Prices for the HP Envy 13 start at $1,699.99. Before you buy come check out all the available HP coupons, it is sure to be worth your while!

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