Benefits of being facial

The facial skin is exposed to a lot of things daily. When you walk down a polluted street the face is the part that experiences more damages because it is under constant exposure to external factors. Therefore, cleansing at least twice daily helps in removing dead skin cells and dirt which is good for healthy cells. A good cleansing routine is ideal for your face because it prevents breakouts, clogged pores, removes makeup from the face and excess sebum.

What does a facial do?

Acne is one of the most common problems that people are dealing with. Visiting a spa or a dermatologist can be a better decision since they use deep cleansing facials which help in stimulating facial circulation because it gets rid of excess oils on the face. Additionally, the products have antibacterial elements that prevent acne breakouts. If you opt for a microdermabrasion facial it will greatly help in preventing acne development, slow oil production, refine skin pores through dehydration hence exfoliating cellular buildup. The corundum crystals used to promote cellular repair and after gentle application, it is rubbed off with a gentle vacuum to remove dead skin and the crystals, you can also do the skin cancer check at one of the nearby clinic.

These facials promote lymphatic drainage for improved appearance, decrease the fade post-inflammatory lesions and frequency of acne breakouts. Additionally, it softens the skin by reducing wrinkles. It also helps in removal of dead skin. Therefore investing in a cleaning routine is highly recommended because eventually you will healthy facial skin.

How often do you need a Facial?

Getting a facial routine is part of skincare management but determining how often you need to do it is what you need. The general recommendation on the period of having a facial is about 3-4 weeks because by then the skin will have undergone a complete cycle of exfoliation and cell growth. However, if you are experiencing oily skin or frequent acne breakouts then you require to have one every 2 weeks.

Additionally, you may have infrequent facials that can come once in a season. The summer and humid months. The hot season can lead to acne breakouts while during winter you might experience dry skin. Therefore it is vital to see a dermatologist at least four times in a year to protect your skin from seasonal exposures that can damage your facial appearance.

Besides, there are frequent facials that you can program it for a weekly basis depending on skincare needs. It helps in having healthy skin. Therefore having a facial routine is very important. You will enjoy more benefits if you are consistent with your facial routine. Some facial specialists suggest that you can have one regularly so that skincare needs can be met. The good thing about his processes is that it should be gentle with no pain so don’t shun away even from having it daily.

What are the key ingredients for facials?

Facials are designed to clean grime and dirt. They can also be good in soothing irritated skin, moisturizing the skin and repairing acne damaged skin. The ingredients in most of these facial cleansers include:

Detergents and soaps

Facials have detergents and soaps that can mix with oils and dirt thus allowing them to be washed off. Therefore soaps can contain jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. They are then mixed with alkaline substances such as sodium hydroxide.


They help in soothing dry skin. They can either be nonocclusive or occlusive. Therefore nonocclusive contains hygroscopic ingredients.


Antimicrobial helps in fighting microorganisms in the skin and extends the shelf life of the product. Those with acne and other skin disorders can use products with antimicrobial ingredients.

How to do a facial at home

Good facial leaves flushed bright and smooth skin. You can get the ultimate results from the comfort of your home. Start by cleansing and exfoliating your face. Ensure you scrub and rinse your face. Do some facial massage and dry your face using a clean cloth. Thereafter you need to purify skin pores by steaming the face then use a facial mask product for approximately 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed rinse and dry your face.

The final procedure is to time and moisturizes your skin using a homemade toner like apple cider vinegar, rosewater, and witch hazel. Afterward, use a creamy moisturizer to help to preserve your facial results.


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