Eyelash extension

The beauty of a woman depends to a large extent on her face. The eyes are one of the most noticeable features of the face, and hence most women will ensure the eyebrows are of the right shape. To remove the excess hair from the eyebrow they will undergo brow threading periodically to ensure that it is of the desired shape. Another feature that affects the look of the woman is her eyelashes. All men and women have eyelashes naturally, yet the number of hairs in each eyelash will differ. Thicker eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty so many women are opting for an eyelash extension for each eye.

The eyelash extension can be of different types based on the budget and requirement of the user. There are strip eyelashes that are available in pharmacies that a person can wear at home to enhance their eyelashes. However, these have to be removed every night. Hence many actresses, models, and celebrities are opting for semi-permanent eyelashes which are applied to the existing eyelashes by a qualified technician. The procedure for applying these eyelashes is painless and is usually completed in ninety minutes or less. The trained technician will ensure that all safety precautions are taken while applying the eyelashes.

Eyelashes enhancing the beauty

It is observed that having thicker eyelashes greatly enhances the appearance of the woman, highlighting her eyes and makes her look more glamorous. Hence women are interested in wearing false eyelashes for special occasions when they want to look their best. These occasions maybe a birthday, office parties or weddings. Almost all women celebrities are wearing false eyelashes. The technician will take time to apply a large number of fine lashes to the existing eyelashes so that they look thicker without damaging them. Typically these false eyelashes should last for a few weeks

How to take care of the eyelashes at home?

The false eyelashes are reasonably expensive, so a woman would like to ensure that the lashes last for a longer time. Before applying for the extensions, the user should not apply mascara or curl the natural lashes. They should also not wear contact lenses. After the extensions are applied, the woman should not pull the eyelashes or rub her eyes. Initially, no water should be applied for 8 hours to the eyelash extension and the woman should avoid going to a spa. Creams and cleansers should not be used on these extensions. If all the recommended precautions are taken the eyelash extensions will last for a longer time.

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